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The foundation of Harbour Trust is relationships. Over 25 years after its inception, our clients continue to be the focal point of our business. We help them achieve their financial goals by building strong and trusting individual partnerships.

As an independent Trust Company, Harbour Trust has enjoyed years of financial stability due to strong senior leadership. Our dedicated and experienced financial professionals combine their financial acuity, experience, and deep-seated sense of responsibility to manage each client's assets. 

Harbour Trust adheres to the most strenuous regulatory standards ensuring that our clients can rest assured that their assets are in good hands.


Relationship-Focused Expertise
Since 1997, our focus remains the same — to help our clients achieve their financial goals by building strong and trusting individual relationships with our clients.

Fully Vested in Client Success
Because we have no proprietary products, every financial decision we make serves one purpose — to exceed our clients' goals.

Dedicated and Experienced Financial Advisors
Our team combines financial acuity, expertise and sense of responsibility to manage each client's assets as if they were their own.

Results Driven
97% customer retention rate is a testament to our commitment to achieving results.


Our Story

Harbour Trust and Investment Management Company was founded in 1997 by Robert Rose and the late Leon Dargis. Their mission was to create a unique investment management company by developing close working relationships with their clients, which would give them an advantage over competitors. Rather than a boiler-plate approach, they got to know their clients on a personal level. Individual investment strategies were developed to help customers achieve financial goals specific to their clients, families, and businesses. The addition of Stephanie Oberlie, Brian Merrill, and Mike Hackett to the Executive Management Team has ensured that these sound principles will continue as the hallmark of the Harbour Trust business model.

“The relationship one builds with their financial professional is sacrosanct,” said Mike Hackett, Vice-President and Trust Officer. He continued, “It is based on confidence, reliability, mutual respect, and accessibility, coupled with thoughtful, measured investment strategies and account management. During uncertain times—and anytime—our clients know that if they have questions or concerns, they can reach their dedicated Harbour Trust advisor in a timely fashion. Sadly, in this day and age, people are used to being routed to call centers, often with long wait times. We don’t feel that’s any way to treat a valued client. Harbour Trust clients know their calls will be returned promptly by their personal advisor.”

When Rose and Dargis founded Harbour Trust, they thought they set their sights high, hoping one day to achieve $50 million in assets under management. “We have surpassed that goal many times over, currently managing more than $1 billion in assets,” Hackett said. Our success stems from the guiding principles of our founders. The personal relationships that we establish, nurture, and maintain with our clients instills a high level of confidence, backed up by a 97% client retention rate.” 

President Stephanie Oberlie attributes the company’s high level of retention and referrals to client satisfaction. “Clearly, clients feel comfortable sending us their family members, friends, and neighbors. They know the people they refer will get the same deferential treatment they have come to value. Most important, they know that our dedicated team members are armed with the experience and knowledge required to help them achieve their goals.”

To help you prepare for the future, Harbour Trust professionals can assist with all aspects of financial planning by providing customized investment portfolios, and retirement, estate, and long-term care planning strategies. Learn what Harbour Trust can do for you by contacting them today.

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